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News & Events | 28 May 2013 | Oklahoma, Jobs, Accelerating Innovation, and Markets for Good

May 28, 2013

In case you missed it…

Our guidance on how to help after a disaster: Oklahoma Tornado: How Can I Help?.

Phases of Effective Philanthropic Support

Jobs: Open Positions and Steve’s Widow, Laurene

Analyst/Social Impact Fellow at the Center for High Impact Philanthropy: We are still hiring for a 12-18 month fellowship position. The ideal candidates are early career professionals who show extraordinary promise as emerging social sector leaders and are interested in honing their ability to conduct social impact analysis to identify which private, philanthropic strategies offer the best bang for buck. More details can be found on our website and you can apply on the Penn Job Board using Reference #130334261.

Director of Thought Leadership at Fidelity Charitable: Fidelity Charitable is looking for a Director of Thought Leadership, a leader who is responsible for creating and packaging timely and relevant messaging and other communications to various audiences such as media, industry analysts, stakeholders, clients, and prospects. More details can be found here. Please contact Betsy Sheldon for more information: (603)791-1240,

Steve Jobs’s Widow Steps Onto Philanthropic Stage: The New York Times shows how Laurene Jobs is transitioning into a more public role as a philanthropist and leader for change in areas such as education, conservation, immigration, and nutrition.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation Is Key To The Success Of 21st Century Philanthropy: This Forbes article highlights the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100-year anniversary and its plans to incorporate innovation into future philanthropic strategies.

Accelerating Entrepreneurship in Africa: The Omidyar Network has partnered with the Monitor Group for a recently released report which identifies the challenges and opportunities for high-impact entrepreneurship in Africa. An interesting observation in “The Way Forward” section—a matrix summary of recommendations shows only one opportunity for Impact Investing.

Markets for Good

Why Markets For Good may go wrong: David Bonbright, chief executive of Keystone Accountability, tells Alliance Magazine about the early days of his involvement in Markets for Good as well as “the inconvenient truth” about its current state.

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