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News & Events | 29 April 2013 | Measuring media impact, lessons learned in global public health, and investments in education

April 29, 2013

Measuring Impact of Media

Center Will Offer New Tools for Measuring the Impact of Media Beyond Numbers: University of California’s Lear Center will be expanding its role in gathering information and developing new metrics to measure the impact of different media.  For donors and non-profits interested in using social media for impact, the additional focus on innovative ways of measurement is a welcome development.

Lessons Learned in Public Health

Lessons from Smallpox Guide Polio Endgame: In this Scientific American blog public health leaders Larry Brilliant, president and CEO of the Skoll Global Threats Fund, and William Foege, a senior fellow in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Health Program, discuss how lessons learned in the smallpox eradication program are being applied to the current polio worldwide eradication efforts.  With only 223 wild polio cases last year in 5 countries, there is a golden opportunity to focus efforts and bring the global community together to make polio eradication achievable.

Improving Education Outcomes

Leap Year: Assessing and Supporting Effective First-Year Teachers: For donors (and others) concerned about improving teaching quality, TNTP has just released a fascinating new report, called Leap Year: Assessing and Supporting Effective First-Year Teachers.   Among the report’s recommendations: certification should be tied to teacher performance; teachers can and should be assessed using multiple measures (including classroom observations and student surveys); and that schools (and teacher training/induction programs) need to help teachers master a few core skills initially, in order to foster rapid improvements in effectiveness.

Fund grants $2.33M to two education programs: The GreenLight Fund in Philadelphia has selected its two recipients of Social Innovation Fund awards, bringing Year Up and Single Stop USA to the city. The 2.3 million in funding over five years will help the nonprofits expand their operations and support rigorous evaluation to improve and grow their impact.

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