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News & Events | 25 March 2013 | Philly Wins Bloomberg Mayors Challenge, Impact Investing Tips, Our Schools, Calculating Poverty

March 25, 2013

In case you missed it…

Read how businesses can fund social impact in Pennsylvania.

Philly Wins Bloomberg Mayors Challenge

Bloomberg Philanthropies Announces Mayors Challenge Winners: Philadelphia was one of the winners of the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge, for its Philadelphia Social Enterprise Partnership (PSEP), a new procurement process that allows entrepreneurs and social innovators to help improve the city’s quality of life. Watch the video below to learn more about the PSEP.

Impact Investing Tips

4 Ways to Position Your Foundation for an Impact Investing Strategy: Cynthia Muller of Arabella touches on ways for foundations to better engage their key stakeholders. Some of these methods include educating stakeholders, reviewing case studies, starting small with impact investing, and customizing approaches to impact investing.

Our Schools: From Redesign to Violence

Carnegie Corporation Commits $15 Million for Rethinking School Design: The Carnegie Corporation’s newly released report, Opportunity by Design: New High School Models for Student Success, is a starting point for redesigning schools to bolster student achievement. With help from the SpringPoint Institute based at the National Center for Civic Innovation, a first round of selected districts will be involved in the school design development and launch process.

Focusing on Violence Before It Happens: This article highlights the threat of violence, namely shootings, in schools is widespread across the country. In Los Angeles, teachers have been working with school administrators and families to help prevent in-school violence.

Calculating Poverty

Who Is Poor?: Tom Edsall, a professor of journalism at Columbia University, discusses the different methods of calculating poverty in America (i.e., income versus family size and composition). These differences in calculations have led to varying recommendations for the government to improve poverty in the U.S.

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