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News & Events | 18 February 2013 | State of the Union, Fighting With Innovation, Technology for Good

February 18, 2013

State of the Union

With the President’s State of the Union announcement last week of a new federal focus on encouraging preschool, there have been a flurry of articles on early childhood education:

The good news is that this is an area where the economic case for investment in high quality programs, especially for low income children, is particularly strong. And while there are ongoing debates about the role of government in helping to provide early childhood education, as covered in the Center’s Education Pathway, there are also plenty of opportunities for private philanthropy to contribute. In this regard, the Center is very pleased to announce a partnership with the Annie E. Casey Foundation to further explore high impact philanthropic opportunities in the area of early childhood over the next year.
Education Pathway: Early Childhood

Fighting with Innovation

Global TB Fight Hits a Wall: Rates of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (TB) are rising in India and the current strategy of using the same drugs for all patients is likely making the problem worse. For donors, beyond supporting new drug development, here are two great ways to help:

  1. Invest in laboratory capacity (culture, resistance testing for TB) so that a patient’s treatment can be matched to what grows from their sputum sample. There is much room for innovation in the way of novel diagnostics and private sector strategies to expand access to these much needed services.
  2. Help build the surveillance systems to be able to track patterns of tuberculosis drug resistance and respond in real-time. Similar systems have been developed for other infectious diseases of public health importance such as malaria. For example, the Worldwide Antimalarial Resistance Network (WWARN).

Technology for Good

Tech’s new entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy: “Philanthrocapitalism” rears its head again, this time with the intersection of philanthropy, technology, for-profits, and nonprofits. Examples include “socially-conscious” consumer products that generate revenue for nonprofits.

A Game Aims to Draw Attention to Women’s Issues: In a new “Half The Sky” facebook game set to launch on March 4th, players moves can trigger real-life donations from sponsors to nonprofits such as Room to Read and Fistula Foundation.

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