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News & Events | 11 February 2013 | Billionaires Giving Back, Failure & Innovation, Fighting Tropical Diseases

February 11, 2013
Image source: Forbes

Image source: Forbes

Young Billionaires Giving Back

Patrice Motsepe: South African tycoon to donate millions: Following our blog about Black Philanthropy, there has been some exciting news about the newest member of the Giving Pledge: Soweto-born Patrice Motsepe—the richest black man in South Africa—worth approximately $2.65 billion.

Image source: Chronicle of Philanthropy

Image source: Chronicle of Philanthropy

Strong Year for Community Funds Included Megagifts From Younger Donors: There is an increasing number of young donors under the age of 50 and their impact can be seen not only by the size of their gifts (See the 50 most generous of 2012) but also in their localized giving to community foundations.

Failure and Innovation

Learning From Failure: Article highlights the importance of open learning and course correcting when projects fail to meet their goals. Author Sam Loewenberg reports on how researchers at Mumbai’s City Initiative for Newborn Health published the disappointing results of their effort to implement a community mobilization strategy to improve maternal—and infant—health in the city’s slums. Such willingness to describe failure and why it happened are critical to learning and improving efforts of others.

Malawi’s Leader Makes Safe Childbirth Her Mission: Discusses innovative approaches such as local safe motherhood committees to change behavior and increase access to skilled maternal care in Malawi where the lifetime risk of dying in pregnancy is 1 in 36.

Fighting Neglected Tropical Diseases

With river blindness, ‘you never sleep’: CNN story discusses the impact of river blindness affecting the communities in tropical Africa and the impressive success of the African Program on Onchocerciasis Control (APOC) in preventing blindness through community-led distribution of the treatment ivermectin.

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