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News & Events | 4 February 2013 | Education & Jobs, #NextGenDonors, Funding Scale

February 4, 2013

The Education System and Job Training

MET StudyMeasures of Effective Teaching Project Releases Final Research Report: The Gates Foundation released the third and final report for the Measures of Effective Teaching, or MET study. Main findings include the identification of a combination of measures that, when used together, can reliably predict teaching quality. The report discusses tradeoffs involved in the use of multiple measures, as well as guidelines for conducting more reliable classroom observations. For a brief interview with Bill Gates about the study findings and implications, click here.

Home Depot Syndrome,the Purple Squirrel, and America’s Job Hunt Rabbit Hole: In his provocative new book, Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs: The Skills Gap and What Companies Can Do About It (Wharton Digital Press, 2012), Wharton Professor Peter Cappelli questions the accepted wisdom that employers can’t find suitable workers because the education system is not producing them. The article gives an engaging synopsis of the problem and Cappelli’s take on it. Hint: look at HR practices.


Shaping the Future of Philanthropy: A new GrantCraft, 21/64, and Johnson Center report about next generation donors based on an online survey with 310 donors, ages 21 to 40, and 30 in-depth interviews.

Funding Scale

Lack of Money Hampers Expansion of Nonprofit Programs, Study Finds: The Social Impact Exchange (SIEX) and Veris Consulting have published the findings from a 2012 survey of 436 nonprofits on the challenges of growth and expansion. One key finding:

  • Funding for evaluations is needed: Only 39% (53% for larger orgs) of charities with plans to grow have evaluated the impact of their work. Of those orgs, only 12% commissioned a third party to conduct the evaluation (compared to 59% who conducted their own evaluation).
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