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News & Events | 12 November 2012 | Development, Education, and more

November 12, 2012


Rethinking Waterfronts: As mentioned in our blog Hurricane Sandy: How Can I Help, donors who are interested in supporting recovery from natural disasters can think about helping with short term recovery and long term development in addition to addressing the immediate needs of the affected.  Even as the hard work of immediate relief continues, people are already engaging with long term solutions, deciding how to rebuild better and stronger along waterfronts.

Delivering on Development: World Bank Group President Jim Kim discusses the importance of developing the “science of delivery” – practical knowledge to get needed social goods and services to people across a variety of contexts. Such problem-solving “know-how” can address current barriers to communities having access to known effective interventions such as vaccines, educational programs, and clean water.

Out of the basket and The path through the fields: These articles in last week’s Economist discuss how better family planning, remittance giving, and effective NGO efforts (including the Grameen Bank and BRAC)  have, over the past 20 years, helped to make extraordinary improvements in almost every indicator of human welfare, despite a history of crippling poverty and seemingly insurmountable challenges in both the political and private sectors. We are currently exploring similar issues in our Global Children’s Health: A Toolkit for Donors.


Educare Preschools Aim to Close Academic Gaps: Edweek profiles Educare, a public/private collaborative model for providing high quality early childhood education for children from low-income families. Preliminary evaluation results show Educare graduates entering kindergarten with skills at or above average, as opposed to already behind, which is the case for many kids living in poverty.

20 Districts, Nonprofits Set to Share $150 Million in New i3 Awards:  The U.S. Department of Education announced the awardees of Investing in Innovation grants that include 20 districts and nonprofits. Among the winners are three organizations CHIP has profiled in the past: New Teacher Center (in our report on teaching quality), and Citizen Schools and AVID (in our Pathways to Student Success).

Please Stop Using the Phrase ‘Achievement Gap’: Camika Royal explains what is so problematic about the term “achievement gap,” the importance of language, and the need for more nuance in the semantics of education reform.


Seeking Nominations of Outstanding Leaders for the 2013-2014 Children and Family Fellowship: Center partner The Annie E. Casey Foundation has launched recruitment of the next class of its Children and Family Fellowship, designed for executives with senior leadership responsibilities and concerned with improving outcomes for children, families and communities.


IssueLab: The Foundation Center has launched IssueLab, a web site that provides free and open access to third sector research analyzing social challenges and their potential solutions.

Getting Into a Benefactor’s Head: This article discusses donor “triggers” (i.e., what causes donors to give) and delves into a discussion of what influences donors’ philanthropic behaviors.

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