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News & Events | 15 October 2012 | Out and About, Health and Education, Agriculture, and an E-Card

October 15, 2012

Out and About

Opportunity Collaboration: The four-day “unconference” retreat on poverty alleviation is underway in Ixtapa, Mexico, where social entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, and others concerned about social impact can connect and build alliances for change. This is the second year our founding executive director, Kat Rosqueta, is in attendance.

Women’s Collective Giving Grantmakers Network (WCGN) Leadership Forum: Peter Frumkin, our first faculty director is speaking at the WCGN Conference in Austin, Texas on the “Seven Paradigms of Collective Giving: Is grantmaking our most important product?” this Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012. Click here for more details.

Health and Education

The ‘Avon Ladies’ of Africa: Article by Tina Rosenberg in the Fixes column discusses a promising approach to overcome current delivery barriers for proven health interventions—door to door “avon ladies” of health products and services. First pioneered by BRAC in Bangladesh, the door-to-door model where community health workers can earn income through the sale of health products is now being piloted in other parts of the world such as by Living Goods in Uganda. Hopefully, controlled evaluations will follow that can shed light on whether or not such a franchised approach can improve health outcomes.

Mainframe vs. Personal Computer? Or Higher Education in the 21st Century: Marybeth Gasman of Penn’s Graduate School of Education reports from last week’s Salzburg Global Seminar on the topic of higher education and technology.


Everyone Eats There: Interesting piece by Mark Bittman looking at California Central Valley agriculture which discusses topics such as large-scale industrial farming, small farmers, labor/wage practices, sustainability, and the semantics of “organic”.

Fun E-Card of the Day

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