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News & Events | 8 October 2012 | Food Systems, Writing and Literacy, Impact Investing, and Social Work

October 8, 2012

Food Systems

Food Hub’s Local Food/Tech Landscape: An interactive infographic site that shows a snapshot of those innovating at the intersection of local food and technology. Areas of interest include farming, aggregating, distributing, finding, and buying, as well as resources to read about the criteria/caveats for those included, the context of relationships of the people working in these areas, as well as a place to leave comments.

Writing and Literacy

The Writing Revolution: Peg Tyre’s recent article in the Atlantic about the role of introducing explicit, expository writing instruction across the curriculum in helping to turn around a failing school in Staten Island, NY. For those who thought that learning how to craft a coherent essay in the age of Twitter had gone the way of the dinosaurs…maybe not.

Read for the Record 2012— The Center reads Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad: Our Center’s third year participating in the Jumpstart and Pearson Foundation Read for the Record campaign which promotes literacy and early childhood education.

Impact Investing

Mobile Money: The Arabella Advisors Blog The Greater Good has recently launched with a post co-written by Melanie Lei, a Penn graduate and former research assistant at our Center.

Philanthropists Weigh the Returns of Doing Good: The New York Times reports on the emerging field of impact investing and how it relates to traditional philanthropy.

Notes from the Field of Social Work

My Experience in the MSW Penn Aging Concentration (PAC) by Lizza Robb, MSW 2012: Lizza Robb, a recent MSW graduate, has been a web and graphic designer for the School of Social Policy & Practice for the last 13 years. In a recent blog, she describes key turning points in her experiences at SP2 and as a social worker. “At a recent SP2 alumni event, I asked a longtime graduate now working in human resources how she feels not to be working as a social worker. With a smile she said, ‘Once you have your degree in social work, everything you do, you do as a social worker.’”

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