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News & Events | 17 September 2012 | Social Impact Bonds, Classy Awards, Health, Children, and Education

September 17, 2012

Social Impact Bonds

Social Impact Bonds: Can a Market Prescription Cure Social Ills?: Our executive director, Kat Rosqueta, is quoted in Knowledge@Wharton, along with Wharton’s Keith Weigelt and Nien-he Hsieh, as well as George Overholser of Third Sector Capital Partners and Rebecca Leventhal of Social Finance, Inc.

Upcoming Events

4th Annual Classy Awards, Saturday, September 22, 2012: This weekend, nonprofits and socially-conscious business leaders and individuals will gather in San Diego for the “Academy Awards of Philanthropy” to celebrate the winners of the 2012 Classy Awards. Past winners include organizations such as Invisible Children and Alex’s Lemonade Stand, while 2012 Regional winners include Jumpstart, an organization we profile in Pathways to Student Success. Autumn Walden, our program manager will be attending the event, so stay tuned for an event recap and photos.


America’s Health Worker Mismatch: For donors interested in helping to improve global health, one of the biggest barriers is the shortage of trained health care workers (nurses, doctors, pharmacists) in low-income countries. One part of the solution should include making changes at home in the U.S. to increase the supply of our home grown health workers, as well as support training and retention in the developing world.

Children and Families

Youth Villages merges with Germaine Lawrence treatment center to help more troubled girls in Massachusetts: A rare merger and interesting development with Youth Villages—an organization that is highly regarded by many funders and also participated in our Social Impact Analytics Initiative project.


A Simple Method to Improve College Graduation Rates: A case study in SSIR on Bottom Line—a Boston-based organization focusing on college access and success.

Online Mentors to Guide Women Into the Sciences: A new six-week online course aims to connect young women considering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields with distinguished mentors in STEM-related careers.

In Chicago, It’s a Mess, All Right: From Joe Nocera of the New York Times this week, comes an insightful take on the Chicago teachers’ union strike.

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