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News & Events | 27 August 2012 | Giving USA Update, Measuring Nonprofit Outcomes, Books, New Philanthropy

August 27, 2012

Giving USA 2012 Update on Bequests and Total Giving Data

Giving USA has updated their statistical data on bequests and total giving between the years 1998-2009 as there had been an error in their recently released Giving USA 2012 this past June. Read more here.

Measuring Nonprofit Outcomes

Nonprofits quantify their success: The Boston Globe explores how the economic downturn has spurred a trend towards data-driven nonprofits and how many are using a “business-like approach” to improve performance and measure to outcomes and impact.


Gloves Off Wisdom for Donors from the UK: A Philanthropy “How-To”: Phil Buchanan of the Center for Effective Philanthropy favors the direct and in-your-face, how-to approach of It Ain’t What You Give, It’s the Way You Give It by Caroline Fiennes. You can read our interview Q&A with Caroline here.

New Philanthropy

Pop Stars Join Growing Effort to Aid the Poor: New York Times article on a concert to spur activism rather than raise money. A type of activism/social media “philanthropy”–building a movement.

Giving Library Launch Aims to Improve Philanthropy: The Laura and John Arnold Foundation recently launched an online library for philanthropists to learn about and connect with nonprofits via video and other electronic tools.

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