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News & Events | 13 August 2012 | Employment, Food, Education, and Youth

August 13, 2012
Kate Hovde

Kate Hovde, Senior Analyst

Education and Youth Notes by Kate Hovde

Study Finds Timing of Student Rewards Key to Effectiveness: In last week’s roundup, we noted a recent study on front-loading rewards for teacher performance. Another example of the same psychological principle at work comes from a recent paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research on student incentives. Students offered a reward for doing well on a test before the test did better than those who were offered a reward based on results of the test afterward.

Can Technology Replace Teachers?: Provocative article in EdWeek on use of education technology and the role of teachers.

Center for American Progress study on Economic Cost of Violent Crime: Interesting report on the costs associated with violent crime in 8 cities in the U.S., and potential benefits/savings associated with lowering crime rates. Though short on information on programs that have helped to do so (covered briefly on pg. 13), it is a helpful reminder of large economic stakes.

University of Chicago Crime Lab, Research and Policy Brief: In a nice companion piece to the Center for American Progress study, the University of Chicago’s Crime Lab released results of a randomized control study looking at outcomes of a Chicago-based program designed to improve social/cognitive skills for at-risk adolescent males. The study found that the Becoming a Man (or BAM) program increased the likelihood of at-risk secondary school students staying in school, and lowered the odds of being arrested for a violent crime by 44%, during the year studied.


Sundance Channel docu-series on STRIVE: Donors concerned about addressing workforce issues may be interested in the Sundance channel’s new docu-series, Get to Work, featuring the nonprofit STRIVE and its efforts to get people around the country back to work. The series premiere airs tonight, Monday, August 13th at 10:30pm EST.


City market gets feds’ praise: Thanks to efforts by nonprofits such as Food Trust (which we discuss on pg.35 in Pathways to Student Success), links to SNAP or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (which we discuss in Opportunity 3 of High Impact Philanthropy in the Downturn), and Philly Food Bucks, Philadelphia continues to serve as a national leader in pioneering programs to ensure access to healthy food, particularly for the urban poor.

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