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News and Events | 9 July 2012 | the Environment, the Internet, and Social Reform

July 9, 2012

Penn and Philanthropy

wH20 journal spreads word about women and water: wH2O is a new free publication by two Penn graduates that explores the role women around the world play in sourcing sustainable and sanitary water for their communities.

Share the Wealth: Ezekiel J. Emanuel of the Perelman School of Medicine and the Wharton School authors an op-ed on child poverty and the redistribution of wealth among different generations.

The Environment

Farmscape Brings Urban Agriculture to Los Angeles: Farmscape is a corporation that takes advantage of the Los Angeles climate by using residential and commercial lawn space as farmland.

Philanthropy and Non-Profits Online

IdeaEncore, a non-profit directed online resource center, has found a new home with Good Done Great.

Kiva City Launches in Los Angeles to Bolster Funding for Small Businesses: Kiva City, a company offering crowd-sourced microloans for small businesses, has launched a web portal for the Los Angeles area.

Social & Economic Reform

America Has Too Many Teachers: In the Wall Street Journal today, Andrew Coulson analyses the growth in teacher ranks as compared to increases in student enrollment and academic results over the past 40 years.

Melinda Gates: Give women the power to determine their future: In this interview on CNN, Melinda Gates addresses access to contraceptive , an initiative she introduced at an April 5,  2012 TEDxchange

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