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News and Events | 25 June 2012 | Donors & The Economy

June 25, 2012

Donors Say They Would Give More If They Saw More Results: Raymund Flandez explores how the soon to be idiomatic use of the economic downturn to motivate donors is becoming passé.

Indiana U. Approves Nation’s First Philanthropy School: Indiana University’s trustees voted recently to create a school of philanthropy, the first in the nation and a sign of the growing seriousness of scholarship on the nonprofit world. As of last month, Indiana University graduated the first students in the United States to earn a bachelor’s degree in philanthropy.

Giving USA 2012 Indicates Long, Slow, Uphill Slog…If We Are Lucky: This year’s Giving USA report indicates that nonprofits will feel the burden of the downturn for a while and the situation is worse than the headlines would suggest.

The Promise of Social Impact Bonds: Tina Rosenberg’s Fixes article this week looks at social impact bonds, a new mechanism for financing social programs pegged to results. To date, the approach is being tested in a limited set of programs in Britain and in Massachusetts, although interest in the approach is growing.

Gates Foundation Gives $9-Million in Grants to Support ‘Breakthrough’ Education Models: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is currently increasing its level of investment and involvement in innovative delivery models in higher education including MOOC’s – Massive Open Online Courses – such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s MITx project.

GAVI Alliance Commits Up to $162 Million to Quash Measles Outbreaks: The Seattle-based GAVI Alliance recently announced a donation of up to $162 million, of which $107 million will be made available for measles control and prevention efforts in developing countries, and $55 million will align with the Measles & Rubella Initiative for rapid-response vaccination programs.

Bloomberg Charity Offers $9-Million for Urban Innovation: On Wednesday, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that his foundation will offer prizes to innovative urban leaders with the best ideas for improving services to their constituents.

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