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News and Events | 11 June 2012 | Health, Education, and Philanthropy

June 11, 2012

Health & Education

A newly released report by UNICEF shows that more than 2 million children could be saved each year by increasing access to known effective prevention and treatment for pneumonia and diarrhea—the two leading killers of children globally. For donors, the report highlights the potential health impact of bringing proven tools (immunizations, breastfeeding, oral rehydration therapy etc.) to the poorest communities. Click here to print this article directly.

For Many Latino Students, College Seems Out of Reach: Edweek this week focuses on the growing Latino population in the U.S., and efforts to improve educational achievement for this group. This article mentions a number of efforts by non-profits and districts around the country to address barriers to college access for Latinos.

Bring Back Home Ec!: the latest article by Future Tense—makes a resounding case for the reinstitution of home education while disbanding many stereotypes surrounding the once home learned set of skills. Among other convincing arguments Torie Bosch states that parents of children—both boys and girls—do not have the time to teach the essentials of cooking as well as maintaining a functional home life which can lead to many health issues down the road including, but not limited to, obesity. These sentiments are also shared in a 2011 Op-Ed in The New York Times which is referenced by Torie Bosch.

Philanthropy News

Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen on 21st Century Philanthropy and Smarter Giving: This Forbes interview talkes to the founder and chairman of Stanford PACS (Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society) on her motivation behind writing Giving 2.0 and her thoughts on the philanthropy sector as a whole. This interview was conducted in anticipation of the 2012 Social Innovation Summit.

Why YouTube Is the Ultimate Platform for Global Social Change: This Forbes interview of Hunter Walk—Director of Project Management at YouTube—connects the intricacy and immensity of the YouTube social network with the aims and goals of many non-profits, bolstering the video based community website as a perfect avenue for social awareness that is only just being “really” harnessed.

If you missed out on last week’s News and Events round-up, you can still catch it here: News and Events 6-4-12. Also new on the Center for High Impact Philanthropy blog is the Jennifer Landres article—Millennials: How different are they?—depicting current research into the atmosphere surrounding philanthropy in Americans ages 18-29.

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