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News and Events 6-4-12: LearnPhilanthropy, The Business of Giving, and More

June 4, 2012


LearnPhilanthropy: Our Center has joined as a content provider for grantmakers and others looking for information on giving.

The Business of Giving: Kat Rosqueta was recently interviewed on WOR Radio 710 AM this past Saturday, June 2nd. Listen to it here.

Health and Philanthropy

In Medicine, Falling for Fake Innovation: Innovation is essential but only when it either improves outcomes or lowers costs. While this article discusses medical technology, there are parallels in all types of development (water, food, health access). It’s a good reminder not to let new technology blind donors from seeing simpler solutions that may offer less sizzle, but more social impact.

Donor-Advised Funds Show Robust Growth, Chronicle Study Finds: Assets in donor-advised funds have continued to grow significantly since the recession, but channeling this cache of capital into philanthropy has significant structural barriers that make it difficult for charities to reach out to potential donors and to communicate what they need.

The Dawn of the Evidence-Based Budget: David Bornstein in the New York Times picked up last week on the growing push to link federal funding of programs to evidence of effectiveness….the latest being a change in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) budgeting that is in part due to the advocacy work of organization like the Coalition for Evidence Based Policy. For donors, this change may mean that over the longer term, the evidence base about what works and does not will be more robust, which is all to the good. It may also mean, however, that new, innovative programs for solving social problems that do not have an rigorous evaluation in place may have a harder time getting the public money that in many cases allows for moving to scale and sustainability. Solution? If you are really excited about a program, make sure it is well grounded in any existing evidence and is thinking carefully about evaluation from the get-go.


Millennials: How Different Are They?: Jen Landres reflects on the recent Chronicle of Philanthropy webinar “How to Attract Next Generation Donors”.

Leading in a Hyperconnected World: Driving Innovation & Impact with Digital Media: Working Wikily as a nice review of the Stanford Social Innovation Review’s free webinar, courtesy of Living Cities, with Ben Hecht of Living Cities, Steve Downs of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Claire Diaz Ortiz of Twitter. Follow the #hyperconnect hashtag to catch up on the conversation.

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