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News and Events 5-28-12: Happy Memorial Day!

May 28, 2012


We are updating our schedule to Mondays for News and Events and Wednesdays for our weekly staff series and interview Q & A’s. We’d also like to hear from you about topics of interest for future blogs. Please contact or post in the comment section with your input.

Tune in to hear Kat Rosqueta on The Business of Giving radio show (WOR Radio 710 AM) this Saturday, June 2nd from 8pm-9pm.

Healthcare and Malnutrition

Realigning Health with Care: A recent SSIR article, co-written by Rebecca Onie, Paul Farmer, and Heidi Behforouz, discusses the problems facing U.S. healthcare while providing examples of alternative health care delivery models. Our Center’s work from the book chapter “Philanthropy and Its Impact on Urban Women’s Health” in Women’s Health and the World’s Cities is highlighted.

Washington University Receives $8.3 Million From Gates Foundation for Malnutrition Initiative: The Breast Milk, Gut Microbiome, and Immunity Project of the Center for Genome Sciences and Systems Biology at Washington University will explore the relationships between food, intestinal microbes, and the immune system.

Kate Hovde

Kate Hovde, Senior Analyst

Education Notes from Kate Hovde

District Grant Contest Unveiled: The latest round of the federal Race to the Top competition for education funding was announced this week,. This rounds opens the competition to school districts, and will favor plans that outline ways to increase the individualization of learning, as well as address the needs of particularly at-risk groups, including low income students, those with special needs, and English language learners.

Giving Pledgers Tackle Impact Investing

Spreading gospels of wealth: Members of the Buffett/Gates-led Giving Pledge met in Santa Barbara earlier this month to continue discussions around collective giving and public-private partnerships. This meeting’s hot topic was impact investing.

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