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February 24, 2012

Food and Hunger

To help children, we must wipe 0ut hunger: Lately we’ve been talking with several institutional funders and individual donors who are interested in finding high impact solutions to food related issues (e.g., improved access to nutritious foods, improved health outcomes, etc.). While we hope to produce more guidance on those issues in the coming months, this piece by food bank innovator and our friend, John Arnold, can tide you over. It reminds us of how creative solutions can make big gains toward wiping out hunger in America.


Shame is not the solution: The New York State Court of Appeals has ruled that teacher’s individual report assessments could be made public, eliciting a strong reaction from Bill Gates that’s showcased in his The New York Times op-ed piece. We don’t think we could have said it better than Bill: teachers need support, not humiliation. This kind of policy is likely to drive talent from the field even faster than it is leaving today.

Research study gives good marks to Philadelphia’s district turnaround efforts: A study to be released next week by local nonprofit Research for Action shows that the so-called Renaissance Schools model has promising results in Philadelphia — local schools who were overhauled either by the district, in the form of Promise Academies, or by private charter management companies, had significant student achievement gains that surpassed those of non-reformed schools.

Women and Health

Understanding the ‘Girl Effect’: Jill Sheffield, the president of Women Deliver, writes a blog post for the Gates Foundation on how delaying childbirth in adolescent women can create a domino effect that leads to greater education, security, health, and power for women in developing areas.

Social Impact at Penn/Wharton

The Lipman Family Prize at Penn has just announced its three finalists for the first annual award: iDE, which provides income opportunities and clean water through sanitation technology and marketing techniques, Komaza, which creates sustainable economic opportunity through microforestry, and MedShare, which recovers and redistributes surplus medical equipment to countries in need. Learn more about the Lipman Prize here — our Center’s own Kat Rosqueta is on the steering committee for the Prize.

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