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February 10, 2012

Center Highlights in Education

Finding “What Works” in Education: The Center for American Progress lists the Center for High Impact Philanthropy as one of the “Philanthropic ‘What Works’ Platforms” that provide data-driven evaluations of social programs as a service to foundations and individual donors.

Penn’s Center for High Impact Philanthropy Partners in 100Kin10 Initiative for Education: Kate Hovde will represent our Center at the 100Kin10 Partner Summit on Tuesday, February 21st. See below for Kate’s news commentary.

Education Notes from Kate Hovde

Kate Hovde

Kate Hovde, Senior Analyst

Black Male Achievement from a Different Angle

When Black Men Succeed: Penn professor Shaun R. Harper turns the tables by asking what helps black men succeed, in college and in life, rather than what causes failure. If we knew more about the roots of success, he argues, it might be possible to design programs and policy that foster achievement. Another example of this kind of thinking lay behind the design of the Emerging Scholars program to help minority students succeed at calculus, the gateway to careers in STEM fields. The program, designed in the late 1970s and once fairly common on college campuses, is described in Tina Rosenberg’s book, Join the Club. Like all of the programs described in her book, the success of the Emerging Scholars program was in large part due to the influence of positive peer pressure and community building.

On dropouts: Saying it doesn’t necessarily make it so

Obama Rekindles State Debates on Dropout Age: President Obama’s call to raise the minimum age for dropping out of school has rekindled debates about the best way to address the issue.

100Kin10 and STEM Education Highlighted at White House Science Fair

Obama Unveils STEM Ed. Plans at White House Science Fair: The President is also proposing a new $80 million federal fund to support effective STEM teacher preparation programs. If it goes through, this money would be an important boost to the funds and efforts already underway as part of the 100Kin10 movement.

And now for something completely different…

The Cash Man Raps About Hunger

You may have read the holiday buzz about donating cash instead of cans. But you probably haven’t heard the word from the Cash Man…

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