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The Year in Review: 2011 Philanthrocapitalist Predictions

December 22, 2011

As 2011 comes to a close, many people around the world are exchanging gifts, donating time or money to a cause, and also reflecting on lessons learned. On the Philanthrocapitalism blog, Matthew Bishop and Michael Green have reflected on their ten predictions, from January of this year, of emerging issues which proved to be quite accurate.

  1. Difficult relationship between profit and philanthropy
  2. Trend towards the privatisation of aid
  3. Quality of giving vs Quantity of giving
  4. Hot topics: School reform in the U.S. and Maternal and child health around the world
  5. Britain: Most interesting country to watch in 2011
  6. Focus on the relationship between taxation and philanthropy
  7. Call for philanthropy to help tackle the deprivation and injustice that feeds extremism in the Muslim world
  8. Celebrity philanthropy on the rise
  9. Mass philanthrocapitalism in politics (Occupy Wall Street)
  10. Social enterprise “jumps the shark”

Regarding number four—Hot topics: School reform in the U.S. and Maternal and child health around the world—they had this to say:

Our American prediction was spot on…On the global front we have to admit that, although there has been some progress, there has not been as big a push as we had hoped on maternal and child health, which is a tough problem linked to health systems and, crucially, the political will of developing countries’ own leaders.

At the Center, we’ve had our focus on U.S. school reform—it’s highlighted as one of ten ways to make a high impact holiday gift by “Redesigning schools for better learning—and was featured in Part II of High Impact Philanthropy to Improve Teaching Quality (pgs. 31-60), released earlier this year.

We’ve also started preparatory work and background research on global economic empowerment, education, and health of girls, mothers, and children. A few initiatives on our radar are: 10×10 and Girl Effect, as well as organizations such as the Women’s Funding Network, White Ribbon Alliance, and Sustainable Health Enterprises. You can read some of our early thinking on our blogs related to child mortality and maternal health. Stay tuned in 2012 for more about these issues.

As a final note, the Center for High Impact Philanthropy will be closed for the holidays starting Friday, December 23. We will reopen on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012. In the meantime, Have a High Impact Holiday!

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  1. March 9, 2012 3:21 am

    Nice article on philanthropist predictions. This type of content is really precious for people like me.

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