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News and Events: Links to what we’re reading

December 16, 2011

Every week we share emails with our team members about news and events. Instead of keeping this to ourselves, we’re sharing them with you, too.

Papers and Reports

  • White Paper: New York Times Schools for Tomorrow: Less of a typical white paper than a summary of session themes, this is nonetheless useful as such. Like the conference itself, attended by Kat Rosqueta and Kate Hovde, it is good on high-level observations and themes, but the overall guidance is unlikely to offer much specific help to the typical donor, principal or school district in making technology-related investment decisions. In some cases, individual speakers probably could offer much more specific guidance than the conference format allowed for, so for donors interested in this area, a scan of session speakers and remarks may provide good ideas for followup.
  • Guidestar/Hope Consulting—Money for Good II: A continuation of the Money for Good project with findings on the influence of research and shifts in charitable donations among individual donors. Kat Rosqueta served on the advisory council for this project. Several findings from the report confirmed findings from our earlier I’m Not Rockefeller analysis, such as latent philanthropic capital and links to donor confidence, highly sought but hard to find information related to impact/nonprofit effectiveness, and donor “stickiness” to the nonprofits they already support.
  • Bellwether report—Encouraging Social Innovation Through Capital: Using Technology to Address Barriers: This paper is a great companion piece to the Money for Good II study, and echoes many of the same themes:  the potential to unleash more philanthropic capital if donors were more confident about the impact they were achieving, the limitations of current technologically-based platforms for giving, and the need to make content and impact information more accessible. The paper is also thought-provoking in reflecting on the relative roles of philanthropic and private sector investment in education. Look for a couple of nice cites to the Center on pgs. 9, 10, and 21!
  • WHO: World Malaria Report 2011: The World Health Organization has released the latest figures on decreasing malaria mortality rates. If you are a donor wishing to make an impact in this area, check out our guidance on entry points and strategies, highlighted in Lifting the Burden of Malaria.


  • Hungry Kate: The Girl With A Belly Ache: This video, developed by the food bank in Akron-Canton, Ohio, came to us from John Arnold, former executive director of Feeding America West Michigan and co-author of the “Let’s Can the Food Drives” op-ed in the LA Times. He noted, “It is a very sweet, crisp, clear, and compelling portrayal of what food banking is and does, and why what it does is so important to so many people.”

If you haven’t already, read all the buzz about “Canning” Food Drives.

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