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News and Events: Links to what we’re reading

October 7, 2011

Every week we share emails with our team members about news and events. Instead of keeping this to ourselves, we’re sharing them with you, too. Here’s what we’ve been catching:

  • Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Three Activist Women– A look at the newest, female winners of the prestigious Nobel Prize and their dedication to women’s rights, peace, and democracy.
  • What if the NFL Played by Teachers’ Rules?– In the Wall Street Journal Opinion pages, Fran Tarkenton, former NFL Super Bowl-winning quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings, sets the scene for an alternative reality where football players are awarded tenure after three years of play, regardless of performance.
  • A State Grooms Its Best Students to Be Good Teachers– Spotlight on teacher retention and the North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program.
  • The Limits of Empathy– David Brooks compares and contrasts the issues of morality and empathy. Similarly, our latest book review of Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save touches upon Singer’s moral arguments.
  • Pediatrics: Childhood Vaccination Q & A– Learn about the risks and outcomes when children remain unvaccinated from this interview with Penn Nursing Assistant Professor Alison M. Buttenheim, PhD, MBA (and friend of the Center).
Stay tuned for next week’s book report!
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  1. January 24, 2012 7:20 pm

    So glad I followed your link to The Limits of Empathy – not so much for the article itself but the astonishing comments, arguments and counter-arguments that followed.

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